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5 Basic Commands You Should Teach Your Dog

Raising a dog is somehow like raising a toddler. You feed them,  clean up after them, and help enforce positive behavior to keep them from harm’s way. As a paw-rent, it’s our responsibility to teach our doggos obedience to help them grow as well-behaved floof...

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5 Ways to Spoil Your Dogs

As paw-rents, we can’t help but give in to the whims of our doggos. With their cute puppy eyes, adorable head tilts, and tippy-tapping paws — who can say no to such cute creatures? We’re sure you can relate when we say all dog paw-rents want to give the whole world...

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dog walking

Dog-walking Etiquette 101: 5 Paw-tocols to Follow

Walking your dog is an essential part of any dog paw-rent’s routine. Aside from allowing your dog to get their much-needed exercise to stay active and healthy, it’s also an enriching activity for your floof baby, as it helps them get fresh air and familiarize...

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